Infotainment Systems Causing More Lemon Cars

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Feeling let down because the promises about your infotainment system weren’t kept? Is your MyFord Touch, MyLincoln Touch, Ford Sync, Lincoln Sync, Volvo Sensus Connect, Cadillac CUE (Cadillac User Experience), NissanConnect, Mazda Connect, FCA Uconnect (Chrysler, Dodge, FIAT, Jeep & Ram), and Honda Link not working as promised? You are not alone.

Infotainment systems have become the No. 1 reason for complaints about new vehicles, according to J.D. Power and Associates and Consumer Reports, which has taken surveys from vehicle owners about what is liked and disliked about their new vehicle. Cars are getting better, but infotainment systems are getting worse, causing huge reliability problems and dragging down some markers’ overall scores, auto experts at Consumer Reports say.

The promise of advanced technology which will allow you to connect to the internet, make phone calls, listen to music from your own device and get step-by-step navigation instructions all by speaking instructions to your vehicle. These promises excite a number of people who are willing spend thousands of extra dollars. Now if only these systems worked as they were promised.

People are really feeling let down about their infotainment systems, which is evidence by the number of complaints from vehicle owners. Common problems include but are not limited to:

  • Touch-screens that are slow and unresponsive
  • Screens that freeze or black out
  • Voice commands failing to work – shouting instructions at your vehicle and your commands are falling on deaf ears
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems – failure to sync with your smartphone or other media device
  • Long loading times – machines appear to be loading more than working
  • Poor sound quality with Bluetooth streaming
  • Poor performance that corresponds to cold or hot weather
  • Navigating to the wrong destination
  • Climate Controls failing when the system goes down (applicable to vehicles that interface climate controls into their infotainment system)

The magical experience hoped for by consumers has been filled with frustration along with multiple trips to the dealership for repairs. Reprogramming and even replacement of these systems do not appear to solve the issues, creating high levels of angst and a feeling of disappointment among new-vehicle owners.

Problems with the infotainment systems seem to be on an entire range of vehicles from the Ford Focus and Fiesta, Chrysler 200 and 300, Jeeps, Volvo XC90 and even in the high end vehicles such as Mercedes AMG G63.

Not all vehicle infotainment systems suffer from defects. As with any consumer product that is mass-produced some products turn out just fine while others have defects.

If you or someone you know has taken their vehicle to the dealership repeated times for issues with their infotainment system your system may be defective and you may be entitled to relief under the California Lemon Law.

Contact our law offices today and tell us what problems you are having with your vehicle. Since we go after the manufacturer for all of our fees and costs, our services to you are completely free.

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