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The Legal Team at Lemon Law Pro deals exclusively with California Lemon Law claims. Our Team travels throughout California to meet with clients, attend vehicle inspections, consult with expert witnesses, and conduct depositions and court appearances. Our Legal Team handles every aspect of your claim from start to finish.

Our Team has unparalleled experience handling California Lemon Law claims. Our Managing Attorney and support staff are well versed in the complexities of the law, and work closely to provide you with exceptional representation at no cost to you whatsoever.

Founder and Managing Attorney

Managing Attorney for Lemon Law Pro

Our Managing Attorney and Founder, Kimberli Zazzi, specializes in the area of lemon law. While she started out working for multi-billion dollar insurance defense firms, knowledge of these mega corporations have provided tremendous insight as to how to obtain the best results for her clients. She has a decade of expertise in negotiation, settlement, and most importantly, extensive litigation and trial experience. As lead counsel on over a 1,500 cases, Kimberli has the experience needed to help you obtain the results you deserve. With a highly respected reputation among attorneys and judges in the legal community initially achieved while working for a multi billion dollar insurance defense firm, Kimberli knows firsthand how these large corporations operate, and will personally manage, negotiate, and if necessary, litigate your entire case. It is this personalized approach and unique experience and insight from experienced legal counsel that has resulted in the recovery of millions of dollars landing back into the pockets of consumers just like you. It is this desire to fight for the consumer, who may be viewed as the “underdog”, that Lemon Law Pro was born.

Our commitment to you is simple. To provide you with the best legal representation possible in order to achieve the optimum result in your case. This firm was founded on the principle of providing each client with the highest level of service as a legal consumer advocate. This includes our promise to give you a fair and realistic case evaluation at the outset, to keep the lines of communication open so that you understand the process, answer your questions expeditiously, and foster a positive working relationship so that you are an active partner in your case from start to finish. We recognize that we work for you. In doing so, we adhere to the highest ethical standards in the negotiation and prosecution of your Lemon Law claim and always put your interests first.

Senior Trial Attorney

vince-onorio-picVincent Onorio brings more than three decades of extensive civil litigation and trial work. He has handled thousands of cases and has worked as both plaintiff and defense counsel. His combined experience provides him with the unique opportunity to be able to understand both sides of the case in an effort to better maximize the results for his clients.

In addition to his extensive litigation experience he has served as both an arbitrator and mediator for private parties as well as court appointed cases. Mr. Onorio has also served as a judge pro tempore in Southern California courts and was recognized for his contributions by the local judiciary. His extensive work in the capacity of a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator and judge pro tempore has provided him the ability to provide each one of his clients with exceptional legal representation and has been instrumental in his consistently high success rate of his cases.

Fighting on the behalf of the consumer was a logical decision for Mr. Onorio. It is an area which combines his love of cars and his distaste for mega companies taking advantage of its consumers.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Mr. Onorio has had a lifelong passion for cars and since his college years has been restoring and collecting them. His knowledge and understanding of vehicles and vehicle systems has been instrumental in his ability to fight in cases on multiple levels.

Mr. Onorio also enjoys helping out in his community. In his free time, and in an effort to continue to give back to his community, he serves as a board member and volunteer of the Legal Aid Society for San Bernardino County.

Expert Witnesses

To provide you with the best possible representation, it may be necessary for us to retain Expert Witnesses to assist our legal counsel in technical nuisances of your particular vehicle issue or auto defect claim. These experts assist our Team in conducting inspections, identify and evaluate technical and auto manufacturing defect issues, and provide deposition and trial testimony, if necessary. These experts cost you nothing, but are invaluable to our Team in presenting the strongest case against the auto manufacturer on your behalf, thus resulting in the best possible outcome.

Support Staff

Our professional, highly-trained support staff is an important part of our Legal Team. They are ready to answer your phone calls, and actively assist in case intake, case management, and trial preparation, all under the direct supervision of the Managing Attorney. Once your case is settled, our support staff will work closely with the Managing Attorney to finalize the settlement documents and transfer settlement funds into your account.