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If you have recently purchased any vehicle in Chico that is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty, the purpose of this warranty is to provide peace of mind. The manufacturer will handle any repairs that your vehicle requires under certain conditions, but some buyers experience issues that can’t be easily resolved. If you believe you have been sold a lemon, it is vital that you consult a Chico lemon law attorney as quickly as possible to discuss your legal options.

Representing Lemon Law Claims in Chico, CA

The team at Lemon Law Pro deals exclusively with lemon law claims in Chico, CA, and our firm has successfully represented many clients throughout the state who have encountered all types of problems with their newly purchased vehicles. We know how challenging it can be to resolve these issues on your own and the tactics that manufacturers often attempt to use to avoid liability for lemon law claims. We can help you overcome such issues and resolve your case efficiently.

When you choose our firm to represent you, we can immediately review all the details of the claim, help determine your most viable options for resolving the matter, and assist you in developing a comprehensive legal strategy for dealing with the manufacturer. Even if your case seems straightforward, there is always a chance you could encounter unexpected complications that you cannot resolve on your own.

California Lemon Law Offers Vital Protections

The state’s lemon law is one of the most comprehensive consumer protection laws in the state and one of the most flexible and consumer-friendly lemon laws in the country. The California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which applies statewide, is commonly called the lemon law, and a lemon is any vehicle sold with a serious problem that diminishes its usability, value, and/or safety.

Manufacturers typically cover new vehicles with express warranties, and it is possible to buy a pre-owned vehicle that is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. When reading the terms of your vehicle’s warranty, you will notice it is very carefully worded and densely packed with information, and it can be daunting to attempt to parse through on your own. Your Chico lemon law attorney can help you make clearer sense of the warranty so you can file your claim.

The state’s lemon law does not set very strict guidelines when it comes to determining whether a consumer may file a lemon law claim. Generally, once they have notified the manufacturer of the problem with their vehicle and the manufacturer has had the opportunity to arrange for reasonable repair attempts, the vehicle can qualify as a lemon. When it comes to what counts as reasonable, it generally depends on the severity of the issue at hand.

In most cases, reasonable attempts to repair a glaring problem with a vehicle covered under warranty would mean four attempts. However, if the issue presents a severe risk of great bodily harm or death, two attempts would be enough to satisfy this condition. Alternatively, a vehicle can qualify as a lemon if it is out of commission for 30 or more cumulative days after the buyer has taken delivery of the vehicle.

A manufacturer can seek an extension to this time limit if any forces beyond their control have prevented them from performing necessary repairs on the vehicle. If the manufacturer otherwise attempts to avoid honoring the terms of an express warranty, your Chico lemon law attorney will know how to address any such issues. It is crucial that you do not wait to arrange for vehicle repairs whenever you notice any problem with your vehicle.

Resolving Your Lemon Law Claim in Chico

If you are unsure whether your situation qualifies as grounds for a lemon law claim, it is important that you consult an experienced Chico lemon law attorney right away. They can answer your questions and help determine the optimal approach to resolving your case as swiftly as possible. A manufacturer is likely to be more agreeable to resolving your claim once they notice that you have legal representation.

Some manufacturers offer vehicle replacements to settle lemon law claims. If the manufacturer, in your case, offers such a resolution, it is important to consider whether you’re comfortable accepting the same type of vehicle as a replacement. There may be slight differences between your lemon and the offered replacement, but many people in this situation are understandably hesitant to accept the same type of vehicle, assuming they will encounter the same issues.

Both the manufacturer and the claimant must agree that a replacement is an acceptable solution to the case. Otherwise, the manufacturer will need to buy back the vehicle from the claimant at the purchase price, minus a charge for the mileage the claimant added to the odometer between the time they took delivery of the vehicle and the time of the first repair. Your Chico lemon law attorney can determine whether such a charge has been assessed fairly.

Find Your Chico Lemon Law Attorney Today

Lemon Law Pro offers focused, responsive, and results-driven legal counsel for your lemon law claim in Chico. Our firm has years of exclusive focus on lemon law claims, and we know all the intricacies of the statewide Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in extreme detail. This is one of the most robust consumer protection laws in the country, and we can help you exercise your rights to the fullest capacity in resolving your lemon law claim in Chico.

We provide our legal services at zero cost to our clients. The lemon law includes a provision for attorney fees that requires the manufacturer to pay our legal costs, so we will never ask our client for any money at all. You will also get to keep your entire settlement. This provision ensures that legal counsel is accessible to anyone who has been sold a lemon, regardless of their financial situation.

If you are ready to begin resolving your lemon law case with confidence, contact Lemon Law Pro today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Chico lemon law attorney. We can review the details of your situation and help resolve the case as efficiently as possible to reach the maximum settlement possible.

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