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Whenever someone purchases a vehicle, especially a new one, there is a reasonable expectation that they should not need to worry about expensive repairs shortly after purchase as long as they take proper care of the vehicle. Unfortunately, many people experience unexpected issues with their newly purchased vehicles. If you have had problems with a vehicle you just purchased, you should speak with a Palm Springs lemon law attorney right away.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Lemon Law Claims in Palm Springs, CA

Lemon Law Pro has extensive experience helping our clients in Palm Springs and throughout the state with all types of complex lemon law claims. Even if your case seems straightforward at first, there is always a chance that you could encounter issues that you cannot resolve alone. It is also possible for a manufacturer to attempt to take advantage of you, offering a much lower settlement than you legally deserve.

When you have an experienced attorney handling your claim, you are more likely to reach a positive outcome to the situation in a relatively short timeframe. We can carefully review the details of your situation and learn about all the troubles you have had with your vehicle. If you are unsure whether the state’s lemon law applies to your situation, we can clarify the details and help you fully exercise your rights to resolve the problem.

Understanding Lemon Law

The official name of the statewide lemon law is the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, one of the most robust legal protections available for anyone who has recently purchased a new or used vehicle in the state. Under this law, the manufacturer of a vehicle with an express warranty is responsible for any problems their vehicle has, and after reasonable attempts to fix such issues, consumers are entitled to a refund, buyback of the vehicle, or replacement.

The lemon law applies to most newly purchased vehicles. Generally, the lemon law applies for 18 months after a consumer takes delivery of a vehicle or until they put 18,000 on the odometer after taking delivery. It’s important to remember that these are not firm rules, and you should always consult a Palm Springs lemon law attorney if you are unsure whether you can file a claim.

A vehicle is a lemon if the buyer needs to have an issue repaired multiple times. They must directly notify the manufacturer of the issue with their vehicle, and the manufacturer is permitted reasonable attempts at repairing the issue before they are required to refund the purchase or offer a replacement. “Reasonable” is a flexible term and usually means four attempts to repair any issue that diminishes the use, value, or safety of the vehicle.

However, reasonable could apply to just two attempts to repair an issue that presents a clear risk of severe bodily harm or death on the road. A vehicle may also qualify as a lemon if the vehicle is out of commission for repairs for more than 30 cumulative days after the buyer has taken delivery of the vehicle. The manufacturer may secure an extension to this limit if forces beyond their control prevent them from performing required repair work on the vehicle.

How to Resolve Your Lemon Law Complaint in Palm Springs

Once you have proven that your vehicle meets the definition of a lemon, the manufacturer is required by law to resolve the issue. If both the manufacturer and the claimant agree, a replacement may be arranged. In most cases, manufacturers will seek to replace lemons with the same type of vehicle. However, it’s understandable for a claimant to be hesitant to accept such an arrangement after already experiencing problems with that type of vehicle.

A manufacturer may offer to buy back the vehicle at the price at which it was purchased. However, the claimant will be charged based on the mileage they added to the vehicle since taking delivery of it. An experienced Palm Springs lemon law attorney is the ideal resource to have on your side if you want to ensure the proposed resolution to your situation is acceptable under California state’s lemon law.

Remember that the state’s lemon laws apply not only to new vehicles but also to preowned vehicles that are still covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Vehicles covered by the state’s lemon law include passenger cars, trucks, motorhomes, ATVs, watercraft, travel trailers, and much more. If you’re unsure whether you have grounds for a claim, you should speak with an experienced Palm Springs lemon law attorney right away.

How Your Palm Springs Lemon Law Attorney Can Help

No matter how straightforward your claim may appear, the reality is that anyone dealing with a lemon law case is bound to encounter unexpected complications that they cannot successfully resolve on their own. When you have an experienced Palm Springs lemon law attorney helping you, you are more likely to reach a positive outcome in a relatively short amount of time, and you will be prepared to meet any challenges you encounter with confidence.

If you have concerns about the cost of hiring legal representation, the services available from Lemon Law Pro come at zero cost to you. You pay nothing for our representation and will keep the entirety of your settlement from a successful lemon law claim. The lemon law requires that manufacturers pay for attorney fees directly, so we can calculate all of our fees throughout your claim and bill the manufacturer; we will not ask you for a dime.

Any lemon law claim in Palm Springs has the potential to involve complex legal questions that the average person cannot answer alone. However, the right attorney on their side can help them approach the situation with clarity and confidence. Additionally, Lemon Law Pro can provide the legal guidance they need without charging expensive attorney fees.

Contact Lemon Law Pro today and start your case with a free consultation with a trustworthy, experienced Palm Springs lemon law attorney. We can carefully review the details of your situation and let you know how we can help you resolve your lemon law claim as efficiently as possible.

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