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Can’t say enough great thing about them. From the time they took the case to the end everyone .was very professional . Don’t try it alone. Give these guys a try. Thanks again everyone who helped us out

Jay Nguyen

This is my first time for involved my car lemon case and I did pick the right lawyer.
Thanks Lemon Law for been on my side for this case till this case got resolve.

Kevin Cooper

“I heard about lemon law and had come across Lemon Law Pro regarding the problems that I was having with my vehicle. They were able to evaluate, process and close my case in a timely manner.”

Jim R

If you’re reading this call them. The staff is great and the process was super easy. I can’t recommend them enough. Full refund on the garbage Motorcycle I purchased.

Rafael Manlapas

August 2015 we bought a brand NEW 2015 Nissan Rouge. All was fine including having piece of mind knowing the wife and kids are in a safe reliable car. Then the UN-thinkable happens- break down after breakdown. Not knowing what to do … I googled search Lemon Lawyers near me- and the LEMON LAW PRO’s was my first choice. At first I was very spectacle with the whole process since I had never had to go through this before. But, that all changed whit one phone call. Lemon Pro and their team explained the whole process and walked us through STEP BY STEP. THEY WERE QUICK to RESPOND TO EVERY EMAIL/CALL !! AND BELIEVE ME …WE HAD MANY QUESTIONS AND CONCERNS. Even with the mishap of an accident that happen in the middle of our case. we thought it was out the window,NOPE! This car was meant to be a blessing and ended up being a thorn for my family! Lemon Law and their team fought for us, represented us, walked with us through the entire process and succeeded in winning our case! They retained the piece of mind and the blessing we thought we lost. We received every single penny we spent on the Nissan- every penny! And can you believe …on the way to returning the car, it breaks down again on 280n! We were so Happy to hand BACK the keys! Lemon Law Pro’s the MANLAPAS family loves you and your team! Thank you!!!!!!!


Jose Roman

These ladies are awesome, they help me out even when I doubted myself on the hole process. They took care of everything for me without me lifting a finger. If it wasn’t for them I would still be stuck with this car giving me problems and making unending payments. If u have just a tiny bit doubt that u have a case with a vehicle, give them a call you won’t regret it. 2017 Ford Focus RS

TLX Tech Gaming

I had a really bad experience with the ford store morgan hill. after buying two 2017 ford fusions from them the problems began repair attempt after repair attempt advisor after advisor it just wouldn’t end..(not to mention the attitude you get from everyone at the dealership) after a year i had enough and called lemon law pro and finally got results they took care of everything one car was bought back the other a cash and keep settlement i got back every penny i spent and then some for all the trouble I’m beyond happy to be done with that dealership and have moved on to a more reliable car if it wasn’t for everyone at this law firm and all of there hard work i would still be going into this dealership literally every other day fighting to fix the cars i spent $50,000 on these were the 3rd cars i have bought from that dealer and they will be the last

Steve Cotton

I came across Lemon Law Pro via a web search on lemon law. I filled out the required questionnaire and Kimberli Zazzi contacted me immediately. We discussed the details of my concern as it related to my repeated attempts to resolve a warranty issue with my vehicle’s manufacturer. Kimberli ensured me that my concern was valid and worth pursuing. With Lemon Law Pro’s professional expertise and knowledge I was able to get my vehicle bought back. If you are looking for representation against your vehicles manufacturer, there is no better team than Lemon Law Pro. Thanks Kimberli, Vince, Trent and Alysha!

Moses Cortinas

Lemon Law Pro was the best decision I made to choose them to handle my case. Lemon Law Pro exceeded my expectations on how my case would be handled and my compensation that I received for my settlement in my case. The amount of communication and clear understanding Lemon Law Pro was able to provide me with during the process of the case was beyond anything that I would have ever expected. I highly recommend anyone that has a lemon to give Lemon Law Pro a call and let them fight for you and get you every last dollar you deserve . Lemon Law Pro provided me with excellence in their communication, actions on fighting for my every last dollar , and a generous compensation with all the representation they did for me in my case. Again, anyone that has a lemon please don’t hesitate and give Lemon Law Pro a call put it in their hands let them fight for you and get you a generous compensation you deserve!

Build Not Bought

OK I do not write reviews for anyone, but i think these people should get one.

Lemon Law Pro is very Professional and will fight tooth and nail for there client. To give you some back ground on my case, no one thought i could do it, i took my dodge challenger in the shop 14 times for problems and 9 times for the same problem. I took it to 7 dealerships and even had Tect assist come out they couldn’t even fix it. Dodge told me theirs nothing we can do to fix it, that when i called Lemon Law Pro. They took my case and fought every step for me, PLEASE NOTE it wasn’t as fast as i wanted, but that how law works, it took me around 8 months to see this to the end but its was all taken care of in the end. Moral of the story is don’t get stuck with a lemon from a dealer/manufacturer, your going to have to fight for yourself and I’m glad i went with Lemon Law Pro


Lemon Law Pro is THE BEST!!!!! I am so happy that I found Kimberli and her great team! I purchased a new 2017 Ford Fiesta last year and it broke down 7 times. After the 5th time, I found Lemon Law Pro and was very quickly contacted by the best attorney Kimberli Zazzi. She is so caring and really understood how scary my situation was. She and her team fought hard for me and I got back every penny that I put into that car after 3 months!!! I have my peace of mind back! Thank you to everyone at Lemon Law Pro. For anyone who finds themselves in similar situations, you are not stuck with your lemon nor are you alone in this! Call Lemon Law Pro! Thank you a million times and I wish that I could give more than 5 stars!

Aaron Lapp

Great team, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They handled my case with excellence. They made my life so much easier and successfully solved my situation with the car dealer. They were happy to work around my schedule and were always available for help.

Having a lemon car was stressful and Lemon Law Pro alleviated the stress and allowed me to focus on the rest of life’s never ending issues.

If you have a lemon car or are worried you might have one, contact Lemon Law Pro. I would have never been able to do this on my own or even afford a standard legal group for help. Lemon Law Pro worked at no cost to me and solved my lemon car problems.

Thanks Lemon Law Pro!

11/10 would litigate again!

Shannon Campano

They’re legit. The entire process took about 10 months (Kia’s fault not Lemon Law Pro) but they made sure I got every penny back. I also did not have to pay anything out of pocket for their services. They were very responsive and very detailed whenever I requested an update. So thankful to have worked with them!

Bryan Berry

Lemon Law Pro was literally a life saver with getting me out of a bad situation with my previous vehicle. They handled everything perfectly and were very good with communicating my case with me. Thanks to them I now have a new car that works how it should. Definitely recommend!

Aaron Branson

Everyone at Lemon Law Pro was great. They were very patient with constant inquiries on the status of the progress of my vehicle & my questions. They negotiated a speedy & fair deal the Manufacturer of my vehicle. The whole process was to my surprise pretty smooth.

Dima R

Found this office online completely clueless on the subject but with a lemon truck with all kinds of issues. I requested a consultation to make sure the offer made to me by the manufacturer was fair and under the law.

They were quick, efficient and absolutely amazing to provide me with that. The staff was super courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful to them and the service they provided is fantastic. Look no further they will work for you! have the piece of mind you are in good hands with an honorable law office.

gudy C.

I can’t say enough good things about them… they are professional, polite, friendly, informative, and knowledgeable. They promptly return your phone calls and keep you updated and informed as to how your case is going! I was overwhelmed when I found out it wouldn’t cost me a cent to have them fight for me… and win!!
Thank you again, from a truly happy and satisfied client!!

Erica Sol

Highly recommend them…my husband bought a brand new truck last year from GMC and immediately starting giving him problems. GMC wasted so Much of our time driving back and forth, playing phone tag with us not taking care of the problem. My husband found Lemon law pro online, contacted them immediately and they went above and beyond dealing with gmc fighting for my husbands truck issues and saving us so much time and STRESS. After a long wait (due to GMC not lemon law pro) of them going back and forth , lemon law pro won the case for us around April 2023 and we couldn’t be happier. We’re extremely thankful and grateful for them! We will 1000% recommend them to any family member, friends or anyone in general.

Biljana Ilic

My car spent more then 2 months in service. Return car to manufacturer. Lemon Law Pro help everything go smoothly .

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