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One of the primary questions in every consumers’ mind is “What is this representation going to cost me? The answer to that question is, “Nothing.” We will never ask you for any money or fees. 

We start off by providing you with a Free Consultation, in which we discuss with you a realistic expectation of your case. If we accept your case we will not be charging you any attorney fees or costs.

The California Lemon Law includes an attorney fee provision which allows us to recover our attorney fees and costs directly from the manufacturer. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple. The purpose behind this provision of the law is to afford every consumer an opportunity to obtain legal representation regardless of income level.

Keep in mind that not all law firms are created equal. Many firms will charge their clients for costs up front. These costs can certainly add up, and include, but are not limited to filing fees, jury depositions, mediation fees, expert witness fees, postage, etc. While costs can be recovered upon the successful resolution of your case, this can mean a lot of upfront money paid by you until your case is settled or has been tried before a jury.

At Lemon Law Pro, we will not charge you any up front fees or costs. Every fee and cost is advanced by our firm, and recovered from the auto manufacturer at the conclusion of your case. With Lemon Law Pro you leave nothing to chance. The terms of our representation are clearly and fully spelled out in our written agreement when you hire us to handle your case, so there are no surprises.