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California Boat Lemon Law Lawyer

If you purchase any vehicle under a manufacturer’s warranty, it is vital to understand the consumer protection laws surrounding the warranty and to know what to do if you encounter any unexpected problems with the vehicle.

While most are aware of how the state’s lemon laws apply to passenger vehicles, it’s vital to remember they apply to boats as well. A California boat lemon law attorney is an ideal resource if you believe you have grounds for a claim.

California’s Lemon Law Applies to Boats, Too

The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as the lemon law, applies statewide to passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, ATVs, boats, motorized watercraft, and any other vehicle purchased under express warranty from the manufacturer. Express warranty means that the manufacturer has made express claims about the vehicle’s performance and how long it will take for the vehicle to require repairs.

Whenever any vehicle, including a boat, experiences any issue that diminishes its usability, value, or safety, it can form the basis of a lemon law claim in California. Lemon Law Pro provides comprehensive legal counsel for all types of lemon law claims throughout the state, and we have successfully guided many past clients through all types of these claims.

The thought of confronting a boat manufacturer may be daunting, and these companies will generally try to take advantage of lemon law claimants who do not have legal counsel by offering lowball settlements. They hope that the claimant will be unaware of their actual rights and accept a much lower offer than they deserve. However, they cannot do this if you have experienced legal representation on your side.

Understanding the State Lemon Law

A vehicle can qualify as a lemon if it fails to meet the performance standards set forth in the express warranty from the manufacturer. A warranty will include details of the vehicle’s intended specifications, what repairs the manufacturer will cover if something goes wrong, and the buyer’s responsibilities for maintaining their warranty coverage. Generally, most lemon law claims are filed within 18 months of the buyer taking delivery of the vehicle.

The timing of the issue’s appearance does not necessarily matter for the purposes of your lemon law claim. As long as the issue appears during the warranty coverage period, the manufacturer is required to honor the terms of the warranty. They can make reasonable attempts to repair the issue before the lemon law applies, and they will need to settle the issue. “Reasonable” is a subjective term in lemon law cases.

Typically, four attempts by the manufacturer to repair the issue qualify as a reasonable chance to repair the problem. If the issue at hand is dangerous and creates a condition that could cause great bodily harm or death, then two attempts may be sufficient to provide a reasonable chance to repair the problem. Once the buyer has directly notified the manufacturer and reasonable repair attempts have been made, they can proceed with a claim.

Resolving Your Lemon Law Claim

Lemon law claims involving boats can be more complex to resolve than passenger vehicle cases, but they operate on the same fundamental principles within the state’s lemon law. Lemon law claims are typically resolved through replacement of the vehicle or refund/buyback from the manufacturer.

For replacement, both the manufacturer and the claimant must agree to this, and the manufacturer is likely to offer replacement with the same type of vehicle. The claimant may be hesitant to accept this as they would understandably assume that the same type of vehicle will present the same issues.

When it comes to a refund, the manufacturer must buy back the vehicle for the purchase price, minus a fee based on the mileage the claimant added to the vehicle between the time they took delivery of the vehicle and the time of the first repair attempt. Boat warranties should explain how any related charges are assessed. Your California boat lemon law attorney can ensure any such usage charge is properly assessed, preserving the value of your claim.

It is important that you carefully review the terms and conditions of the express warranty for your boat. If you unintentionally violate the terms of the warranty, it could prevent you from filing your claim or provide the manufacturer with grounds to contest your claim. If you encounter any type of problem with your boat that reduces its use, value, or safety, it is vital that you arrange for repairs right away.

What to Expect From a Boat Lemon Law Attorney

The team at Lemon Law Pro is ready to provide comprehensive legal assistance for all stages of your lemon law claim. We can carefully review your manufacturer’s warranty to ensure the vehicle is still covered, and we can explain what to expect when it comes to the manufacturer’s proposed resolution of your case. Additionally, we provide all our legal services for lemon law claims at no cost to our clients.

Lemon Law Provides for Manufacturers to Pay Attorney Fees

The California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, which is applicable statewide, includes a provision regarding attorney fees that states that the manufacturer in a lemon law claim is required to pay the claimant’s attorney fees. When you choose Lemon Law Pro as your legal counsel, we will not ask for any fees whatsoever, and you will keep the entirety of the settlement you win from the manufacturer. We collect our fees directly from them.

This provision aims to ensure that legal representation is available to anyone who needs a lemon law attorney in California, regardless of their financial situation. Lemon Law Pro excels at resolving complex cases, and you will not pay a dime for our representation.

It’s optimal to start working on your lemon law claim right away. Our firm is ready to help you understand how the state’s lemon law applies to your situation and what to expect from a successful claim. Contact Lemon Law Pro today to schedule your free consultation with a California boat lemon law attorney and learn how our firm can help with your claim.

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