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If you purchase a vehicle under warranty, there is a normal expectation that the warranty is there just in case, and you are unlikely to need any repairs for a newly purchased vehicle.

However, unexpected issues can arise in various ways, and it is possible for even a brand-new vehicle with no previous owners to require serious repairs shortly after purchase. If you have encountered such an issue, you need to speak with an Anaheim lemon law attorney right away.

Experienced Legal Counsel for Lemon Law Claims in Anaheim, CA

The team at Lemon Law Pro is ready to provide comprehensive legal counsel for your impending lemon law claim in Anaheim, CA. Our firm excels at resolving these claims, and we know all the various challenges you might encounter as you seek to have your lemon refunded or replaced. Whatever your case may entail, it is a mistake to assume you can confront a manufacturer on your own, even if your vehicle is clearly defective.

A manufacturer may attempt to convince you to accept a lowball settlement offer, which may be less than you legally deserve. The state’s lemon law is one of the most flexible and robust consumer protection laws in the United States, but you will need an experienced Anaheim lemon law attorney’s help to take full advantage of it and ensure the most favorable outcome for your lemon law claim. We also provide these services free of charge to our clients.

Understanding the State’s Lemon Law

The statewide California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act is commonly known as the lemon law. A lemon is any newly purchased vehicle that does not perform as advertised due to needing repairs due to no fault of the buyer. If you recently purchased a new or preowned vehicle covered by a manufacturer’s express warranty, it is understandable that you would be frustrated if you must arrange repairs shortly after purchase.

The lemon law is quite flexible, and a good attorney can help you fully exercise your rights under this law to correct your current predicament. Generally, the lemon law applies for 18 months following the purchase of a new or used vehicle covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or until the buyer adds 18,000 miles to the odometer. This is not set in stone, however, so if you are unsure whether you qualify, consult an Anaheim lemon law attorney as quickly as possible.

To qualify for a claim under the state’s lemon law, you must contact the manufacturer directly about the issue with your vehicle, and they must be provided with the chance to repair the problem. For most claims, four attempts count as a reasonable attempt to repair a lemon. However, if the issue presents a clear risk of great bodily harm or death, two attempts typically qualify as a reasonable attempt to repair.

If your vehicle has been out of commission for repair work, it can also qualify as a lemon based on the number of days you have been unable to use the vehicle. If your vehicle is out of service for 30 or more cumulative days for repairs, it qualifies for a lemon law claim. A manufacturer may, however, seek an extension if they are unable to perform necessary repairs due to forces beyond their control.

Resolving Your Lemon Law Claim in Anaheim

As long as your vehicle is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, it does not matter whether you purchased it new or used, and the time you have had the vehicle doesn’t entirely matter for the purposes of your claim, either. After notifying the manufacturer of the problem and then making a reasonable attempt to repair the issue, they must resolve your claim through replacement of the vehicle or by refunding the purchase price.

It’s understandable for a claimant to be wary of a replacement offer. If the manufacturer offers to replace the lemon with the same type of vehicle, the claimant may reasonably expect to face the same issues with the replacement. Both the manufacturer and the claimant must agree to a replacement for this resolution option. Otherwise, the manufacturer must buy back or refund the vehicle from the claimant minus a fee based on the mileage the claimant added to the vehicle.

When it comes to this mileage fee, only the mileage added between the claimant taking possession of the vehicle and the time of their first repair is considered. Your Anaheim lemon law attorney can verify that any buyback offer you receive from a manufacturer is fair and reasonable. If you encounter any disputes with the manufacturer, your attorney can be ready to resolve these issues for you.

What to Expect From Your Anaheim Lemon Law Attorney

When you choose Lemon Law Pro to represent your claim in Anaheim, you will have years of professional experience on your side as you seek a resolution to the issue with your vehicle. Manufacturer’s warranties are complex and include many terms and conditions that you might have trouble understanding on your own, but your attorney can help you make sense of the situation and reach the optimal outcome of your claim.

Our firm can carefully examine all the details of the issues you have had with your vehicle. We know that a manufacturer may attempt to push back against your claim, but we know how to prevent them from doing so unfairly. We also know how to ensure appropriate compensation and what a fair settlement offer looks like.

If you are worried about the potential cost of hiring legal representation for your lemon law claim, state law requires the manufacturer to pay for your attorney fees. This means it will not cost you anything to pursue your lemon law claim. You will pay nothing in legal fees and keep your entire settlement. Our team will bill the manufacturer for our legal fees, and we will not ask you to pay for anything before, during, or after your claim.

It is important that you reach out to a trustworthy attorney right away if you want the greatest chance of success with your lemon law claim. While the law is on the side of the consumer and the lemon law is one of the most expansive and flexible in the country, it is still optimal for you to reach out to a trusted attorney in a timely manner. Contact Lemon Law Pro today to schedule a free consultation with an Anaheim lemon law attorney you trust.

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