Consumers Beware

Have you complained directly to the manufacturer about the problems your vehicle is suffering from? Have you asked for their help and told them you think your vehicle may be a “lemon?” Have you gotten a letter in response saying they are sorry you are dissatisfied with your vehicle and that you are encountering problems with it. Did the letter also indicate that as a one-time good gesture that the manufacturer would reimburse you a monthly payment or two?

If this sounds like something you have received, you should have an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer look it over before you sign it. In the fine print, most of those letters contain a clause precluding you from taking any future action or lawsuit against the manufacturer if you accept their money. This means that if you accept one to two monthly payments from the manufacturer you can be permanently precluding yourself from bring a future claim against them under the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Under the law, you MAY be entitled to get back ALL of your monthly payments along with other remedies which you are entitled to. Remember that a “goodwill” gesture from the manufacturer may not be in the best interest for YOU!!

Therefore before accepting any money or settlement offer received directly from the manufacturer it is always best to seek the advice of an experienced Lemon Law Attorney to make sure you are getting EVERYTHING you are entitled to.